Separate MWS and Optimize on its own VM

Currently, we have MWS and Optimize on a single VM. Because of the resources, I’m considering having separate VM for MWS and Optimize. At least production anyways. What does everyone think? Right now, we can get by with a single VM running both MWS and Optimize. But if we were to fully utilize BPM more, I thought running Optimize on its own VM.

I don’t decipher this.

Whether to run Optimize and MWS on a single machine or a different machine would depends what kind of deployment architecture you have/want. If you are having big machine and resources ( CPU, Memory) are not utilized, then you should avoid having MWS /Optimize on different machine. Yes you can create seperate VM’s for MWS and Optimize. Creating VM’s would allow to dedicate resource to MWS and Optimize. VM’s will ensure that Optimize don’t utilize 100 % of the resources and slow down MWS or vice versa. Again depending on type of VM it would have it own overhead( 10-15%)