Separating IS and MWS


We are considering separating MWS and IS into two different servers. The motive is that MWS has been noted to be reasonably hungry in terms of CPU usage, while IS is of course very hungry for those same resources. The thought is that by separating both they would not have to share the same CPU resources, hence improving performance. I am after feedback from people who have done something similar or who already have MWS in a separate server to IS. Would that architecture be a good one? Or would it cause havoc to split IS from MWS?


Hi Rad,

this separation can be done.

We are using this approach for tier separation, considering the IS as the integration tier and the MWS as the presenation tier.

If it affects performance is another story based on the hardware and/or database being used.


Rad – Which version you are using, please make sure you have good hardware to support your requirement. Please check Hardware requirement guide as per your wM version.