sending xml file in business connector through ftp

I have a requirement to receive xml file from an external server through FTP .I’m using SAP business connector for this purpose . The xml file is ftp’d to the path /ns/folder/service . We have used the service documentToRecord to receive the xml file into business connector . But we are unable to receive the data .
Any help or suggestion will be of great help . Thanks in advance .

As you received the phsical file, you can do the below sequence.

  1. convert file to string (getFile > bytesToString)
  2. xmlStringToXmlNode
  3. xmlNodeToDocument or documentToRecord

if your xml file is a large file, then you can go for the large document handling techniques.


Keep in mind that when the file is sent via FTP to ns/folder/service that it isn’t actually written to a file. So ‘getFile’ isn’t needed. If the content type is set appropriately by the FTP client when the file is put, the XML string will already be parsed and the node object will be sitting in the pipeline for your service to process.

If the node object is not present in the pipeline when your service is invoked, check that the FTP client is specifying the appropriate content type. Refer to the docs for info on this.