Sending HTML Formatted Emails


I need to send emails which are HTML formatted using the Email Adapter provided by WM. I realized that this was not possible directly and hence decided to import javax.mail.internet.* and other packages and write code myself to create a MimeMessage and send it using the SMTP server. For doing this I now have with me the mail.jar and activation.jar files downloaded from sun. I need to know the following

  1. Where do I place these files (Currently they are in one of the lib folders in the EnterpriseServer5 Directory - WINNT)

  2. How do I access these packages from within my customCode in the adapter component ( I read from previous posts on this forum that I need to include complete file path to these .jar files in the CLASSPATH field of the java tab of the adapter configuration - I tried doing this but even after restarting the adapter i get an error while compiling the code saying that Package not found … ).

I am stuck here… and would greatly appreciate any help moving forward. Looking forward for some useful tip …

Vikram Wani

Hi vikram,

try this…
run the tepmlate on stmp set the type to “text/html”

this should work.