Sending Flatfile to TN

Hi all,

How can I send flatfile(not EDI)to TN. I have to encrypt the flatfile before sending to TN because it contains sensitive data…But How TN recognizes the document…?? Please list out the services and inputs so that I can submit the flatfile to TN.


From where are you sending the flat file?

What is the planned processing once the file is in TN? Unless the plan is to process the data as an opaque item (not looking in it for anything) then it will need to be unencrypted.

Can you provide additional details of the planned steps and components?

If you have not read the wM docs covering TN usage, please do so.

“encrypt the flatfile before sending to TN”

Where do you expect encryption taking place using wM service or outside before wM receives it and process to TN?

For submitting flatfile data use this TN gateway (with input:TN_Params,stream).Use thei search of this forum on this service it gives more info on how to use this service.



I dont think we can submit encrypted date using routeFF… or can we?

I mean the stream payload (will have encrypted that is string(encrypted content converted to stream) and for document recognition normally we set TN_Params in the routeFlatFile svc.


As rmg mentions, any data can be treated as FF. The key is using a gateway service and setting TN_params.