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our client wants a 3 step escalation strategy in all the flows, in case of an error. The first retry would send out an email…the second retry would send a pager message and the final retry would actually send a message to the mobile phone. I know sending an email is easy. Can you help me with the other two…how do I do this ??



I don’t know if this is the norm, but with my phone, my phone provider has given me an email address for it, ie. When people email this address, it shows up pretty much instantly the same as an SMS message on my phone.

Assuming you are using TN and a delivery service (since you mentioned retries) you will have the ‘retriesRemaining’ variable in your pipeline. Each time TN invokes your delivery service you can check this variable to determine what action to take. (eg. retriesRemaining = 1 send to pager, etc)

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I am not using TN…its just Developer and IS…when I said retry, I meant the suggested error handling escalation strategy…there is always a 3 retry mechanism for any error.

I am not sure if everyone has an email address for their mobile phone. I dont know if it works at all the places. There has to be a bette way of doing that.

Sorry I guess I misunderstood the question. The concept of retrying is usually applied when you’re trying to connect to a remote server via HTTP, FTP, etc. It’s usually not worth retrying when a service exception occurs because the exception is not likely to correct itself.

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In fact, I having same request as Karthik mentioned earlier,(sending a notification to Mobile Phone/Pager). I’m using TN and delivery service. I’ve yet to try out jSMSEngine API package.

Anyone has tried? or do you have others solution?


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You might also check out the corporate SMS and email gateways offered by at This is one of the fee-based services that allow you to send SMS or email messages using a web service or email gateway.

I experimented with their trial version about a year ago and had reliability issues, but they are still around so hopefully they were able to address them