Send XML file to TN

well, it seems like an easy issue but i haven’t figured it out.

I already have my xmldata string (previosly converted from a record) and constructed a filename for it. Now, I would like to send this string as a file (.xml) to TN so it can be routed by FTP to a predefined dir.

I think I could send the XML string to TN by using routeXML, having a DocType and a delivery method (for a Partner) configured as primary FTP to the dir I’d like to have TN write that xml, am I right? but I don’t know where to provided that file name. Could someone help me out of this, please?


You’re on the right track.

With the standard FTP delivery method, you cannot control the name of the file. The name is managed by the FTP delivery method service. If you need to control this, you’ll need to write a custom delivery method which isn’t too difficult.

Thanks Rob,

 So there is no built-in way to send a file or a named xml string to TN and then be routed by TN, right? 
 I already have a custom Ftp delivery service but I was wondering if there was a way to do the above task. Seems like I'll have to stick to the ftp :-)

Not with the out-of-the-box facilities, no.

By custom FTP delivery service, I mean a service that is invoked by TN to perform delivery, not a service that you simply call to deliver your doc. We have a custom delivery service that not only controls the filename but also puts the file using one name, and then renames the file after the transfer is complete. This is to avoid scripts on the FTP server side from picking up partially written files.

Anyway, if you want to control the remote filename, you’ll need to use your FTP service directly or create a TN custom delivery service that hooks into the TN framework and does what you need.