Send document to partner via SFTP and email

I am using webMethods IS 9.7 I send XML documents to a customer using Trading Networks. I send the documents using a custom SFTP delivery service that is called by an action on a processing rule.

I have a request from the customer to send the XML files by email as well as the SFTP upload to help them work around some temporary issues in a system upgrade on their end.

Is there a way I can have a single transaction pushed into TN sent by two different delivery services? I am able to only add one delivery action to the processing rule. Since this is a temporary issue, Iā€™d prefer not to have to do any development work if I can avoid it.


under the processing rule, you can select more than one actions.
if you are using execute a service action already, you can just wrap that service with two sub services: sftp and email.

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