Selection of phone for wMMD development and showcases


If I’m free to choose an Android phone, which one do you suggest for Mobile Designer development? Has anybody tested a VGA adapter to transfer any custom app screen from an Android phone to a projector? With iPhones you will need a specific app that can only be installed on jailbroken iPhones, so I wanted to go for an Android phone instead of an iPhone unless someone tells me that this won’t work for Android phones. Is it in general better to develop against Android phones? I know in theory there should be no difference as we develop once and deploy many, but maybe you can tell from your experience that it is better to go for the one or the other?!



Hi Mathias,

I’ll let other Android phone users make some recommendations on those devices, but to comment on video output the newer iPhone 4S (note the S) and iPad 2 devices automatically mirror the video output if you use the Digital AV (and I think VGA) connector - which is great for presentations.

We’ve also been putting to together a native hook code example of how to programmatically use the video out on the other iPhone models with Mobile Designer which we should hopefully send out in the coming weeks.



Ah, thanks Matt!

That sounds promising, so at least for the newer iPhone it should work then. I only tested with a 3G and 4 (not 4S).