Metsimo Project/ App with Web Service Call

Hi All,

Looking for an Metsimo( Mobile Designer) App/ Project that I can run that shows a simple web service all. If there is some thing readily available it would be great. Ideally would like to run on one of the platform vendor emulators (android), if not running it of the Mobile Designer would suffice.

Hi Teymour,

Mobile Designer comes with a set of example projects (in the Sample directory), one of which is NativeUISOAP and another of which is NativeUIJSON. The first demonstrates connecting to a SOAP web service and the second demonstrates connecting to a REST web service (which returns JSON). These currently connect to example web services, so would need some changes if you wanted to demonstrate them with a particular web service, but even without they demonstrate the functionality.

To get a version to run on the Android emulator, you will need to:

  1. Run the +Multi-Build Ant task.
  2. Tick the target handset.
  3. Tick ‘Retain output build files’.
  4. Click the ‘Multi Build’ button.
  5. When finished, Import into Eclipse the generated project (this will be in /Builds///temp/java_edit)
  6. Run the Android emulator.
  7. In the Ant tasks (build.xml) of the imported handset build there will be an ‘install’ task, which will install it on the running emulator.

Kind regards,