Simple SOAP wmMobileDesigner example

Hi Mobile Insiders,

Looking for a simple sample project that makes use of SOAP invocation (ie having a WSDL provided and calling a service it exposes) - I am explicitly not after REST services example but a simple MobileDesigner project that calls some online service via HTTP SOAP request/response.

Thanks, regards,


Hi George,
have you had a look in the sample project NativeUISOAP? Are you looking for a more complex service?
I played a bit with some soap services (based on IS services) with the “Bedrock” version, and I have not yet moved the project to the latest version. Let me know if you want it anyhow.

Thanks for the response Javier,

Perhaps I don’t have the latest install/download as I don’t have
NativeUISOAP under Bedrock/Applications, (will re-download ,
however noticed that the installer is not on empower yet , I assume the
old way is still valid?). If you feel it may add context would like to
get a copy of one of your sample SOAP projects (especially if you are
calling some open service online).


Hi George,

I don’t know if anyone’s got back to you further on this, but the
NativeUISOAP demo for Bedrock can be found here:


We don’t roll it out as part of Bedrock as it was an internal (Software
AG) demo app, not one we’ve rolled out to our other customers.

That said, this sample app does come out the box with Mobile Designer.



Could not find this sample in bedrockdev. Is the url got changed?