RE: webMethods Mobile Designer help

Hi Nelson

Are you trying this on windows or mac? Can you send a screenshot or
error message?

Kind regards

Wouter Nigrini

From: Pereira, Nelson


I am trying to learn webmethods Mobile Desginer to create mobile
applications. I have done following things to start working:-

  1. Installed Webmethods Mobile Designer.
  2. Enabled Ant through 'capabilities' preferences in eclipse.
  3. Imported one sample Project '_HelloWorld_'.

But the classes used by sample project are missing. Can you help me out?


Nelson Pereira

Hi Nelson,

Drag the project’s build.xml into the Ant window and Activate-Handset on
some build you’d like to see. When that’s done the required Eclipse
.classpath file should be generated and the errors in the Package
Explorer should disappear.

Note - in all likelihood, “javac” will need to be executable from your
command line for this to work.



Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for your support, I now have a full working environment.


Nelson Pereira