Don't recognize Mobile runtime classes(

Hi all,

Question 1.
1.In Software AG Designer?import sample projects provided with Mobile Designer.(eg.project name:“HelloWorld”)
2.Many classes don’t recognize in the SAG designer. (
attachment: 1.png

Question 2.
1.In Software AG Designer, right-click and select “New>Project”.
2.“mobile application project” didn’t find in the “New Project” view.
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for question 1:
try to drag&drop the build.xml of your project into the ant view of eclipse and run the target activate-handset. after finishing this & refreshing of the project the error should be solved.

for question 2:
did you instal the Mobile Dev (WYSIWIG) plugin for eclipse?


Hi Stefan Veit

Thank you for your reply.

for question 2:

Can you tell me how to instal Mobile Dev(WYSIWIG) plugin for eclipse. Thanks.

Please have a look into iWiki to find more information about Mobile Dev or contact Jonas Witt ( to getting access to the plugin.