https? and sqllite on android?

Hi all,

Does anyone have an example of using sqlite from mobile designer on Android?

What about an example of the steps needed to get https working agains IS using a self signed certificate?

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Hi Ian,

If you look in your wMMobileDesigner/Docs directory you should find
Using_Custom_SSL_Certificates.pdf which can help you get started with
custom SSL certificate usage. As you will see when you dig into it, the
steps necessary for usage and the functional availability vary greatly
from platform to platform. If you can’t get your questions answered with
that doc, let me know and we can try to help. Further, if you find
deficiencies in the doc (and hopefully workarounds) please let us know
so we can update it.

If you are using the latest updates, you should have the database
functionality, which I believe uses sqlite on Android. I’ll try to dig
for a working example that can be sent to you.


Hi Spencer,

If you do find a working sqllite example, I’d be interested as well.


Thanks Spencer,

I had just found that doc and was looking through it. Appologies if this question is answered in that doc, but…

In order to use only server certificates, I guess that I just need that certificate on the client device (as the signing certificate authorizing the server certificate) but how do I tell the client that this certificate should be accepted as a trusted signing authority?



I might be misunderstanding your question, but the server’s certificate
basically needs to be added to the device/emulator’s keychain in order
for it to be accepted as trusted.

When you try to install the certificate in the keychain you are telling
the device that the certificate is trusted. In some cases, you get a
dialog requesting confirmation that the certificate (which you just
downloaded) is trusted. In others, it is implied by the manual addition
to the device keychain. The client relies on the keychain for the device
running it in order to determine trustworthiness.


Hi All,

We do have a working example that will be made available in the near
future as a sample application through the normal rollout process. I
believe the rollout will be either or If you
need it before the rollout, let me know and I can manually send it to