Select SQL Stored Procedure Output Date Issue

Hi all,

I am using JDBC adapter to connect MS SQL server through select stored procedure.

I want to get end date by giving input date and some product id in stored procedure.

I am able to get the correct end date by executing stored procedure in SQL server.

But value for end date field output is not coming properly in webMethods output.

Output of stored procedure in SQL Server : 2024-03-21 00:00:00.0

Output of same stored procedure coming in webMethods IS server from SQL Server : 2024-03-19 00:00:00.0

Difference of 2 days is coming.

Column type for output date field is datetime in stored procedure and JDBC type is TIMESTAMP.

IS version :
SQL Server Version : 15.0.4249.2(2019)
JDBC Driver Version : 4

However, Same output end date is coming fine in webMethods IS(10.5) when connecting to SQL Server Version 8.00.2039(2000) with output datatype datetime and JDBC Driver Version : 4.

Even though you have 2 different versions, I doubt there will be any bugs that can cause a wrong date to be returned. Did you try executing the SP from SSMS? Are these servers connected to the same DBs? The most likely scenarios are:
Having different data. (Better check that without using an SP)
Different collation settings for the db
Having different SP versions in DB
Output format parameter errors.
Even if this is the case or not you should have same versions on every environment. I also recommend keeping your environment patched regularly.

In order to Isolate the error I recommend comparing SP’s with a compare tool first, and then running the SP’s directly from SSMS, then compare outputs with a compare tool. After that you should compare IS service outputs.

Current information you provide indicates it is because of having different DB versions but I hardly doubt that is the case. You should still have them(every webMethods product in your environments) patched to the latest fix levels if not already done so.

Hi Yashraj,

please check which version of the MS SQL JDBC Driver you are using.
Try to download latest available version from MS and place it under packages/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars.
Remove all other occurences of mssql-jar from your classpath, shutdown and restart IS.