seggregate system vs data exceptions

Hi all.

We are currently designing exception handling for our project.We are thinking of catching all errors, logging them & notifying appropriate group by sending an email.

As all know there are two types of errors System errors & Data errors

We are thinking of an approach whereby when we get system errors - admin team is notified & when we get data related errors - business users team in notified.

Hence in our flows, when we encounter an error we need to know whether an exception is system exception or data exception.

getlasterror service returns a error document, has following 2 tags at start
error & error type.

java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero

In above example i was trying to divide two integers, & i passed denominator as zero hence i got /by zero exception.

Is it possible to branch on some tags to know whether exception was system or data exception?

If its not possible, any workaround possible or any other strategy you may know which can be implemented.

Appreciate your time,


Following GEAR document should give you everything you need.

  • GEAR 6.5 Error Handling
  • webMethods_Error_Message_Reference_6_5_and_6_5_1