Seeting Up LDAP authentication

Dear Folks,

Can some body tell me how to configure LDAP authentication .
Now i am logging into CenteraSite Contol by using local system user only.

1.Do we need to change any configuration files.
2.Is teh LDAP server and Centerasite should be installed in Same machine or same network.
3.Do we need to configure the LDAP at teh time of installation.



The documentation for LDAP authentication for CentraSite 8.0 can be found here:


Thanks daniel.Its really helped out a lot.
But after configuring the LDAP, it asked for restart of application server.
after that i am getting session timedout in the screen.

  1. When i logged and try to see the authenticate window…
    i am getting following error.
    INMACE0031 ---- Getting Authentication Information Failed.

Help me out please.

Which version of CentraSite are you using?

i am using centrasite 3.1

System Management hub --
PluggableUI --
CentraSite Control ----