Configuring LDAP in Command Central

In Command Central, one can create internal users or can access users from directory services. This document speaks about creating internal users and accessing users from directory services using CCE 10.3 or higher.


  1. Login to CCE UI
  2. Navigate to Installations --> Instances --> CCE
  3. Navigate to Configuration Tab
  4. Select Internal Users from dropdown
  5. Click ‘+’ button to create new configuration
  6. Fill in the details and click save button


  1. Configuring LDAP through template
  2. Configuring LDAP through UI

Configuring LDAP through template:

Execute the following commands from <cce install dir>/CommandCentral/Client/bin

  • Import the template(attached) using the following command:
  • import -i  <fullpathtofoldercontainingtemplate>/template.yaml
  • eg sagcc exec templates composite import –i C:/Ldap/template.yaml
  • Execute the template using:
  • apply aliasname –i <fullpathtofoldercontainingenvprops>/
  • eg sagcc exec templates composite apply Ldap -i C:/Ldap/

The job will be scheduled and you can see the details by navigating to CCEUI - - > Jobs

Note: If you face any issue in applying the configuration (any authentication exception even if the credentials are valid) , then set the property SkipLdapValidation=true in the file attached.

Using CCE UI

  1. Login to CCE and navigate to Installation --> Instances --> CCE

2. Navigate to ‘Configuration’ tab and select ‘LDAP’ from the drop-down

3. Click on the ‘+’ icon to create a new ldap configuration

4. Fill in the details as shown in the following screenshots

5. Click ‘Test’ Button and verify the success message. All the groups should be listed in the success message as shown below

6. Navigate to the configuration ‘Security Roles’ by clicking the link as shown below or by navigating to Installations --> Instances --> CCE --> Command Central Server --> Configuration --> Security Roles

7. Click on ‘Edit’ and fill in the details as shown

8. Click on ‘Apply’ and Restart the CCE for the changes to take effect

Login to the Ldap configured CCE as follows:

  • User:          LdapAlias/UserName
  • Password:  LdapUserPassword

Eg as follows (865 Bytes)

template.yaml (6.05 KB)