Security for Nodes?


I would like protect single parts of an XML-Document. The parts are the XML-Nodes. The Taminoserver enables nodeprotection with the ACL. Can I use this securityfeature with the WebDAVServer.



no, it is not possible to use Tamino authorisation together with webdav authorisation. The reason is, the webdav access to the Tamino store is done in each case with the same user/password at the same webdav server. It is possible to change the user/password but then you have to restart your webdav server. The user/password used for connecting webdav is not the same, webdav uses for doing its Tamino accesses. Webdav authorisation and Tamino authorisation are two different concepts and should not be mixed. Tamino allows security on schema node level and Webdav on object level.