Schema to XMM User Selectable Field Mapping Utility

Hi Rolf, at the Boston Natural Conference in 2008 we discussed the lack of a utility in the EntireX workbench that would allow a user to map selected fields from an XML schema to a PDA. We both agreed that providing users the ability to select individual fields from an XML schema would offer much more flexibility that the map everything in the schema to a PDA functionality at that time (i.e. EXX721). I believe you stated you were going to enter this idea as a change enhancement to R&D. What ever became of that suggestion? Thanks for the update.

Dave Love
California Board of Equalization
EXX801, z/OS R1.9

Hi Dave,

yes, we have the requirement XML Schema Extractor and Mapping an IDL File to an existing Natural subprogram with the internal id EXX-410 in our requirements list. Until now it didn’t make it into the product but it has a pretty high priority in the current backlog. However, for the next version I can’t promise anything at the moment.