Schema change causes issue

Hi all, here is my problem.

In a back office database there are some stored procedures in package dp_123 that I call from Integration Server. The IS adapter service has been created using the jdbc adapter and the IS template type “storedprocedure”, specifying the currentcatalog, schema (A say) and stored procedure name.

In the test environment the database guys have now deleted the package and placed it into a new schema (B say). I could not see the new schema from Integration Server, I presume it was cached somehow. Only by restarting the Integration Server box could I get to see the new schema and set up the stored procedures to run again.

Here’s the problem. As soon as the new database version goes to PROD my PROD extracts will stop. Does anybody know where the schema information for the services is cached so I can make the changes in PROD by a patch rather than requiring a maintenance slot to restart the PROD server.

Thanks in anticipation

As long as you have the same schema name in Prod and DEV, you should be able to do the changes in DEV and redeploy your packeage in prod once the new version of the database is available. Hope this anwers your question. If not would like you to elaborate a bit more.

Another thing is, you should have been able to see the new schema if you had restarted your adapter,refreshed your developer and also did a reload on the adapter services to fetch the new values. Will all these done you should be able to see the new schema. Atleast this has worked for me most of the times.