Scheduler not working randomly


I’ve a Complex Repeating Task executing from monday to fryday at 5 am.
Usually the task is executed ok but sometimes (once every 2 months) the scheduler does not execute the task. It occurs usually on monday.

The task is active and it works properly 99% times. But i don’t know why it does not works on 1% times.

When the task is not executed ‘last run’ indicates me that the task hasn’t been executed.

Any help will be grateful.

try increasing the thread pool size for scheduler, at
Settings>Resources>Scheduler Thread Pool


Thanks, I hope this works, I’ll wait for some time to have the answer.

Your response came so fast, thanks very much!

Any news on this?

Hi All,

We are also facing a similar problem in our clustered production environment.

One or two serices sudenly sips the scheduled runs. I have checkd for the patterns of occurance, but couldn’t find anything useful. Since we are using the ‘enable auditing’ property of the service as ‘never’ I couldnot check the server log enry.(This is a standard followed in our prod s/m).

I have checked the scheduler thread pooling. It is set to 80. and we donot have large no.of execution to happen in that time as the no.of interfaces are limited.

Did anyone have come across this kind of a situation and found the solution?

Thanks in advance for your valuable comments,

Please help!!!