Scheduler hangup frequently


Could you any one please explain what are the necessary key steps we need to follow or take care when scheduler hangs up in production environment.It would be really great help .

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One tip is to have the top-level service that is invoked by the scheduler catch all errors. Don’t let an error percolate up to the scheduler.

Also, review your scheduled services to make sure they are not doing anything that might “wait forever”. Those can consume the threads available to the scheduler.

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what’s is your IS version ?

Even i have being facing this issue in my schedule service on IS 6.5.3 which does FTP operation every 5 minutes. All exceptions are caught in the catch block, but still once in a week scheduler gets hang for some un known reason.

for 6.1 webMethods has provided a fix for this, but still scheduler does get hang out of the blue. The only option we have is to delete and recreate the scheduler which seems to be impossible without having 24*7 operation team.

One of the possible work around we have got for this problem is to log an entry to temporary table whn the service starts and ends with time stamp. We then have a stored procedure which monitors the temporary table and shoot outs the email in case of big time lapses between last run and current date time. Stored procedure can also update another temporary on which we can have an update notification, subscribing to which IS can delete and recreate the schedulers using services wmpublic packages.


You might check your FTP connection timeout settings. It may be the case that a call to one of the client FTP services is waiting forever.


You can set the FTP timeout settings, So that if the ftp session is taking more time than the timeout period set. The service will timeout and process then next steps ( Error handling steps).
So by doing this, you can make sure that the scheduler wont go into hung state.


also check the setting on the resource page: Scheduler Thread Pool, make sure you allocate enough thread for scheduled job.