Scheduler did not kick at right time

We are in webmethods 71 platform and we have a schedule task that runs twice in a day at specific time say at 12:15 PM and 16:15 PM. But we observe that the scheduler gets kicked off a minute or 2 minutes later.
Our interface is heavily dependent on the timing. Any idea about the scheduler behavior? Is there any fix?


The scheduler manager uses JVM threads to execute tasks. It competes with every other thread in the JVM for CPU time. If the IS is fairly busy at these times then delays will occur.

If timing is critical, you may want to move the time sensitive components to their own IS instance.

Are you able to resolve the issue?

Wm Scheuler is always tricky beacuse it looks for threads available in IS instance so if timing is really important and your allocated thread count on IS is not sufficient, I would suggest to use third party tool like Tivoli for scheduling.


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