Schedule in SAP BC does not work


I have SAP BC 4.01 and have implemented some EDI scenarios.

I have made a service that logs on, gets the file and if there is no file it ends the service. This works fine when I either run it or trace it in the developer, but when I use a scheduled task, it does not work!

I don’t understand why! Has anybody else experienced this and might have a solution to this problem?

See the attached file for the flow!


Hi Rollo,

I ran into the exact problem using IS 4.6. I never found a specific fix that mentioned this issue, but once we applied IS 4.6 SP1 and wMEDI 4.6 SP1 the problem went away (I had to delete the scheduled task and recreate it after the service packs were applied).

I’m not sure if this helps since you’re on BC 4.01, but you may want to try applying some of the service packs that are available.


Hi rollo:
I have 4.1… and the same thing happened to me.
What I did was: every time that in SAP application something is developed or modified, we have to restart the SAP adapter.
With this the fields are updated.
I hope that help you.


Thanks for your tips!

It worked once when I restarted the server, but the no more…

All the patches have been applied to the server, so that couldn’t be the problem.



I upgraded to 4.6 instead and now it works!