Schedular srvc GetTaskInfo

Hi guys,
Does any one of you got a chance to look into public/Scheduler
services ,presently I am using one using this service scheduler getTastInfo
when I am calling it with a given Task ID I am getting all the parameters , right now i am interested in the parameter “nextrun”. I am getting big number i assuming that that in mill sec .can any one confirm me about that.
When I used datetimeformat service to change that time .
I am getting some thing like 1970-01-02 07:43:39
But the Scheduler are supposed top give me some thing like
2005-01-01 12:12:01

is there any other way to get present time that schedule supposed to run in yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss from that field ?

Is there any procedure to get that time stamp ??

I appreciate your replies.

You’ll get a big number when the task is actually running. You can see this behavior on the Scheduled Tasks page in Administrator. I’ve also seen negative numbers appear (-1, -2). I think this is an internal trick used to honor the “do not overlap” setting.

If you’re after when the next run will be, you’ll need to put in a threshold check of some sort (nextrun bigger than x) to know that the next run time is currently unknown.

thanks Rob,
we had a problem that is we scheduled some complex job in the schedular and there was some problem and the task didnt run when it supposed to run . i am trying to figure out how can we monitor that the Complex task had run or not .
Is there any API which we need to call or any methods
please let me know ,


Can someone send me webMethods administration and developer tutorial pdf files… I dont have access to any webMethods resources at the moment. Would appreciate it.


Hello Kitt, the most simple solution is to write debugLog while your tasked service is run.

Good advice from terori. The other thing to do is to wrap the service that gets schedule in try/catch sequence blocks so that exceptions never get raised to the scheduled task. If it’s a wM-supplied service that you’re scheduled, write a wrapper service for it and have it catch all exceptions. Scheduled tasks don’t react well to exceptions.

thanks rob,
If we write some thing to log file when ever that particular scheduled service had run.
If the Scheduled service is not run there will be no log at that exact time .
So that means that we need to monitor that log file at particular time ,If that is not there raise the case or do something.
what will be that tool we use to monitor (at that exact time ) you have any idea ??

Is that the efficient way ?