Saving in Webmethods Developer takes too long


I just hired as Webmethods Integration Server (IS) Developer in a company. I was provided with a Staging Webmethod IS (v7.1) and the tool that I use is Webmethods Developer.

I don’t know why, each time I saved package, flow service, java service, etc (everything in Webmethods Developer by clicking CTRL+S or clicking File menu → Save), the process of saving takes too long (around 1.5 minutes) to finish, even if I just change a Comments property. For me, this is very annoying and not very productive for development.

The system owner said it has something to do with the wrongly patch, but unfortunately he doesn’t have more detail clue further. I checked on IS control panel, there were no error logs.

I want to know what does Webmethods IS do when I make a Save? Maybe it can help me to find out the source of problem. One thing that I know, if I tried to save a java service, it compiles the java code.


Is your integration server running on same machine as developer? usually there’s sluggish performance when IS is accessed over the network.

Yes, they’re on same machine.

I don’t think it has something to do with network because it always happened each time I save.

you might also want to check whether there are any memory issues on the machine where wM is installed & running…