Is there any possibility to save the pipeline contents outside the pipeline directory.

The above built in service, saves only in the “pipeline directory” or its sub directories.

As an example, i want to save the contents of the pipeline in the one of the sub directories of the packages “pub” directory.

like packages/<package>/pub/…/<file>

Thanks in advance.
Bhavani Shankar

Try hardcoding the file name. eg. f://webmethiods6/IntegrationServer/packages/sampleEDI/pub/pipeline.xml


SavePipelineToFile works either with a relative path in the pipeline directory, or with an absolute path wherever you want. This requires some awareness of the file system environment.


Cant use F:/… since the Dev/Quality/Prod servers are installed on various different drives.

so when transported/rolled out to different servers, there will be lot of problems…

It all boils down to find the path of pub directory dynamically through a java service… and then append the file name to it.

Is anybody aware of how to fetch the above directory by flow service or in java
Bhavani Shankar

Create a property file with this value and get the value from there.