Pipeline In string name becomes pipeline out value

In an effort to stop hardcoding a Pipeline Out string…
This is difficult to explain ???

I would like to take the pipeline in string called ‘hBillToId’ and have it’s name (hBillToId) become the value of AddDescComment on the pipeline out. So pictorially speaking

Pipeline In Transformer Pipeline Out
hBillToName ----------------------- AddDescComment

Where now AddDescComment is literally hBillToName
not the AddDescComment would not have the value of hBillToName
AddDescComment would have the word hBillToName as it’s value.

Thanks in advance

In a java service, use the IDataUtil methods to get the key name instead of the key value. In the ancient WmSamples package there was an example that showed how to traverse an IData object using the methods in IDataUtil. You can still download WmSamples from Advantage, I believe.


Simple Java service is required. Use IDataUtil.getString() method…


I really appreciate this help.
Wondering why this is an ancient technique. Seems this could be a really useful tool.