SAP upgrade from 4.6 to ECC6

Hi All,

We have SAP adapter 4.6 running. Now client is upgrading their SAP systems from version 4.6 to ECC 6 version. We learned that 4.6 SAP adapter is compatible with ECC 6 SAP. So now the requirement to webMethods team is that they wanted to setup QA wM to be connected to both their systems in QA (old4.6 and new ECC6). There is very less chance of getting a temp box to act as IS QA until all the testing/upgarde is completed though that was our first approach as we dont want to screw up the existing QA box.

Now how do we do it, either instal an another SAP adater in the QA box that will point to the new ECC 6 SAP server and create all the routing rules again? Else do we need to add another SAP server from admin page, if so how do we configure the existing routing rules to switch servers?

Because the client wanted wM to connect to their new system while they do their testing and at the same time they dont want to stop the current developments and testing with the old SAP ssver.

Any insight in this will be greatly appriciated.

Thanks & Regards,