SAP schemas


can anyone provide me the schema of an INVOI02? or a location to download it



1. login into SAP server using SAP Front end.
2. use “WE60” Transaction code.(this transaction code is used to find Documentation…
3. select Basictype option, select your SAP IDOC Document (INVOI02)…
4. and check control rec, Data rec and status record check box option.
5. Go menu Documentation–>Create DTD → unicode format → (and it will generate and show the DTD in the screen)…
6. Go System menu → List → Save → Local file → select the option unconverted
7. select the path where you want to save the file.
8. save this file as .dtd extension.
9. and finally use this DTD inside webMethods to generate IS document…

Hope this helps!!

thank you for your help, i’ll try and keep you informed

I have no access to SAP server, have you any link to download the DTD or XSD file for the invoic02

Thanks in advance

Use the IDoc Lookup Facility of the SAP Adapter administration page in IS Administrator. This requires that an adapter connection be established from IS to SAP–which I assume you have.

we have an adapter connection between webMethods and SAP server, however I don’t know which field I have to fill, I have never used it before

Please read the adapter documentation. It provides the information you need. Also, talk to the right people in your SAP group. They will have the implementation specific information you may need.

USE THIS DTD(INVOIC02.DTD) - see the attachment(unzip the zipfile)-- to create
IS Document type in Developer… (9.41 KB)

I would encourage you to not use the posted DTD and instead use the capabilities of the SAP Adapter administrator. Version differences and customizations can make the DTD from one R/3 different from another.

i would like to like to use the SAP adapter, but i don’t know where can i find the documentation,
but thank you very much for your interest,

thank you very much

That’s a bit discouraging. You can’t locate the documentation so you’re giving up?