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We are trying to integrate with SAP R/3 4.6 adapter,WM version is 6.1.We are successfully sending data into SAP Systems(OUTBOUND Mapping Service),but while working with inbound mapping service in developer(SAP Calling Integration Server), we are getting following error

“ Connection reset” and server is also shutting down.

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Is there a firewall between SAP and IS? It sounds like a network issue.
If so, open ports 32XX, 33XX and 36XX.

  • 32XX for dialog processes (required for IS <-> SAP)
  • 33XX for gateway processes (required for IS <- SAPrequired )
  • 36XX for messaging processes (for IS -> SAP if SAP load balancing is used)

Otherwise, run a network packet trace to see where the connection is getting closed.

Hope this helps.