SAP IDOC to Flat File

I have a need to create a flat file schema for some common SAP iDocs (ORDERS, INVOICE, etc…)
To create it from scratch is a cumbersome and error prone exercise. Is there any out of the box solution available to achieve it.
If yes, please explain.
Thanks in advance for your help.


If anyone has any pointers/suggestion please reply.


Are you sure you are looking for suggestions realted to the NATURAL programming language ?

Can you please describe the process you would like to use to create a flat file from an IDOC ?

No i am not looking for suggestion related to NATURAL programming language.
What i am looking for exactly is following:

  1. Out of the box solution to convert an iDoc in IData format to a flat file.
  2. SAP Adapter provided services to achieve it.


My suggestion is to post your question on a SAP forum. This forum is for questions relating to Software AG’s Natural programming language.