Create Flat File Schema from a IDOC DTD

Hello all,

I’d like to know how to create a Flat File Schema from an IDOC DTD file. I know how to create the Document Type from the DTD, which saves a lot of time that typing it but when I get to the point of parsing the IDOC Flat File that I receive into a document, I then need to use a FF Schema which I don’t have unless I type the whole thing…

I’m pretty sure there’s a better way to do this that type the whole Schema representing the IDOC but I don’t wee how and I don’t wee any threads talking about that either.

Thanks for your help.



Hello All,

I am new to webMethods Developer,please tell me how to create a document type in various records.

Please review the webMethods Developer/Flat File Adapter documentation for more information and keyword search this forum you will get tons of legacy threads discussions.

You can ask any tech questions in case you stuck in your review: