SAP Business Connector Server error 126

Hi !

After several days of installing SAP Business Connector it finally was working.
Now about 2 months later BC Server doesn’t start anymore. “Error: 126 The specified module could not be found”.
Server.log says:
“000050 [B2BSERV.0014.0004] No listening ports were available. Shutting down server.”

I didn’t do anything the PC.

Whats the problem ?



The port it’s trying to listen on is already taken, try starting the server using “server.bat -port 5556” and see if it launches. Then figure out why the port is taken.


Using “server.bat -port 5556” evokes also “error: listening ports were available”.
netstat -a doesn’t show a taken port 5555.

Hi Bouml,

if you later installed another server (IS for example) that uses the port 5555, it provides a collision.
In this case add another port (6666 for example for the same type of protocol) and verify if you can connect (don’t forget to change Access Mode)


As i already said.
Port 5555 is free. At least netstat -a says it’s free.

So what else could be the problem ?

check if your port is “Enabled” on the page Security/Ports
if no - enable it, if yes - go to the “Access Mode” page and verify that access is not denied.



Start your BC with “-debug 10” option and see if it gives you more information.


@Vassili CHLYKOV

i cant check if port is “Enabled” on the page Security/Ports

BC Server is not running. so no chance to see this page.

is there a config file ?


you can consult <server>/config/server.cnf
the parameter watt.server.port shows the primary port of your SAPBC
also you can check the port.cnf