Setting up SAP BC As NT Service


Could Any one help me how to setting up BC server as NT Service manually. After Install it. I know there have a feature to make it as NT service during the installation. But how about after installation

Installation Manual p22 - I haven’t installed for a few months

Running SAP Business Connector Server as an NT/2000 service. You can change the settings without reinstalling SAP BC Server:

Run installsvc.bat (in \Server\support\win32).

Choose via the Windows start menu Settings > Control Panel > Services.

Select the service SAP Business Connector 4.6 and choose Startup…
Mark Startup Type Automatic and choose OK.


This solution works when i leave our Windows 2000 systems logged on or lock it. When i log off a Windows 2000 system the service keeps on running but i can’t connect to the server via http anymore.

Is anyone familiar with this problem and does anyone have a solution for the problem?

Are you sure that BC is still running? Just because the service appears to be running from the services console does not mean that BC is running. Is there a java.exe process running?

You may need to edit server.bat to include a -Xrs parameter for the JVM. See OSS note 421525.