Access from http listener not possible


I’ve a serious issue I want to fix. I’ve no access to Business connector(B2B server)from the HTTP listener.
The message I receive is the following:

““00064E [B2BPCKG.0046.0004] Suspending HTTP Listener on port 5555
00064F [B2BSERV.0070.0013] Failed to start listener HTTPListener@5555. The following error was encountered: [B2BSERV.0070.9009] Error starting to listen: Address already in use””

The developer interface continue to work in while.
I’ve tried to change parameters into the config file without success.

Could anyone help me fix this problem ?(cookies ? JVM ?)


JP bibombe

Are you sure that the b2b server is using the port 5555?
If you are, then make sure you have privilages to access the server administrator.
This certainly looks like a port issue. Can you try netstat and see which applications are using which ports?
Good Luck!

Hi Vinod,

I’ve already fived this issue. It was a disabled package(Default !) which prevent me to access by the listener !
I’ve used the WmRoot access and then re-enable the default.

Thanks again for your help,