SAP Business Connector Flat File problem

We have a flow service which builds a flat file from XML using the WMEDI package. The recipient of the flat file says that very occasionally the file is encoded UTF-8 instead of Ansi - resulting in displacement problems. If anyone knows where in Business Connector this problem may originate or if anyone has any ideas which may help me resolve the problem, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Tom,
Does your XML sometimes has encoding specified in it, like:
<xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8” ?>


What encoding/charset your target system is expecting? So is the problem related with the spl chars in the data or delimiters etc… which your recipient complaining?


Thanks for both your hekpful suggestions. The problem relates to a French file (with accents) going to Sweden. In the UK there is no problem but in Swedené becomes
Ä + another character and the file is UTF-8. So now we just have to find a way around it. :confused: