SAP BC: From CRM 3.0 to SAP BC / XML Encoding - French characters

Bonjour a toutes et a tous !

We are sending, from CMR 3.0 the product catalogue (using XML Export) to SAp BC (4.7) then, which relay it (after a couple mapping) to an SqlServer BD using JDBC Adapter.

We are experimenting problems with the French characters (é, è, etc). As an example, we have the following: “Télécopieur” instead of “Télécopieur”. CRM is UFT8, the XML encoding is also UFT8.

Any idea why ? :happy:

Thanks ! :wink:

Where do you see the problem? In IS? In the database? On the wire?

And by UFT8 I assume you really meant UTF8? I only ask because UFT8 appears twice in your post, raising the possibility that it wasn’t just a typo.

Sorry, it was a typo!

The following SAP BC extend value is :
The xml file i get from SAP CRM is also:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

The flow service: StringToDocument (Encoding) is utf-8

We get the CRM catalogue via a routing rule in SAP BC (wm.PartnerMgr.flows.XMLCatalog.SBCCCD:XMLCatalog) which than call a specific flow service (that do the main tasks).

The values (é,è, etc) are ok in the CRM catalogue. As soon as i get it in SAP BC, i loose the french accent …

Thank for your help ! :wink: