Email with special characters

Hello All,
The problem in hand :
An email is sent from SAP BC 4.6 and it contains Swedish characters. The recipients are unable to view the special characters like Å Ä Ö å ä ö (I am not sure, whether these characters appear correctly now in WM Users :slight_smile:
for clarity, the first character is Capital-A with a ring on the head)

I am trying to use “encoding” for the content as ISO-8859-1, ISO8859-1 Latin 1. But not much success :frowning:

Your help is much appreciated.


I am having a similar issue when using SMIME for signing and encyrption. When I try to process the encrypted data everything after the speical character is dropped. Have you had any success with your resolution yet?

we have encoded using hex. As such without encoding we could not solve it.

Here is what I ended up doing. I read data from a flat file I poll. I take the ffdata and convert it to a string (after validating its structure) and then encode is using URLEncode, convert the string to bytes and then build by signed and encrypted SMIME. On the reverse end I after decrypting I use URLDecode and the German and Spanish special characters are all translated correctly.

Thanks for the push in the right direction Bhavani.

I have the same probleme with XML : when i send XML in an email, the value “é” is transformed to “é” and i don’t find why … have u got an idea ?