SOAP encoding error

Hi all,
i have an encoding problem with my SOAP client. I want to call a webservice (SOAP via http). My input XML document for this service contains characters like & or ü in UTF-8.

If i call the webservice, I get an XML - SOAP error. It tells me, that i have to decode the & to &. If i do that, the SOAP call is successful, but my ü-character was gone to an other character.

It would be nice if anyone can explain me the way to encode my XML document in the right way.



Before posting to webservice,use the DocumentToXMLString and set encode=true this setting makes & to & and ü- character remain as it is(no change) in the xmldata.



thanks for your help.

I did it in your way and it works fine. The ‘lost’ ü - character was a deconding problem of the partner system.

We provide the XML data string now correct.




the problem comes back to me. Our partner system is not able to process special german characters like ‘ü’, ‘ä’ etc.

My Idea is now to provide those characters in HTML. Does webMethods support those transformations or is it necessary to write an own service which is looking for the specific characters in my XML - string?

I tried to do the transformation with the pub.XML:DocumentToXMLString service but this services does not transform the needed characters in HTML. The service pub.string:HTMLEncode ignors the special characters too.

Has anyone an idea or a tip for me?

Thanks in advanced!



We have the same problem. Our final system is returning a XML (via SOAP HTTP) with special characters and we always are getting wrong characters. For example: from Jesús to Jes?s.

Anyone for help?


the reason for our problem was resolved by Fix37 for IS 6.1. This fix is also provided by IS 6.1 SP1.