Mail problem with frensh accent in an XML file.


i have to take a file by email.
The file is an XML file and there are some accents in like “é”, “è”, “à” …

I always have “é” instead of these caracteres in my mimeData file …

How to solve this problem and have some accents ?

same problem on the advantage site … no accent :frowning:

Problem solved with a java service :

// pipeline
IDataCursor pipelineCursor = pipeline.getCursor();
Object stream = IDataUtil.get( pipelineCursor, “stream” );
String encoding = IDataUtil.getString( pipelineCursor, “encoding” );
// pipeline

String strLine;
String strDecode;
BufferedReader bufferReader = new BufferedReader ( new InputStreamReader((InputStream)stream, encoding ), 65535);
StringBuffer strBuffer = new StringBuffer();
while ((strLine = bufferReader.readLine()) != null) {
strDecode = strBuffer.toString();
catch(Exception e){
throw new ServiceException( e );

IDataUtil.put( pipelineCursor, “strDecode”, strDecode );

Hi what encoding you used? can you send more details like what will happen, if your document contains the XML special characters like ‘&’; etc.

What happens, even if we set encoding property in documentToXMLString it generates the error while converting XMLNode to Document.