I have no previous experience in Interface developement with SAP system would appreciate if someone could share their knowledge.

In a intergration involving pushing data from a SQL server Order Table to a SAP system as IDOC .

SQLServer =>SAP (idoc)

what i have understood is that we need to create a SAP ALE Adapter(Server) will be used for this purpose and use ALEProcessInboundOperation Configured operation to create the idoc.

The Sap process will pick up the IDOC in a asynch fashion.

If someone could share their experience it will be very helpfull


I assume that the inbound data feed is from SQL Server inserts…therefore, do an insert notification for source integration component, and map to canonical document and pass it to target integration component (SAP IC), and publish to SAP.


Can you give an overview of how the SAP adapter(ALE Clinet will work) because that are alone is grey to me. I have done EAI interface Implementation using other resources like Oracle / SQL server.

I dont have a SAP System in my dev environment so i am trying to visualize the process to get a basic understanding of how the interfacing with the SAP System will be(Based on the SAP ALE Adapter documentation and the SAP details from the . Please help me in getting an understanding of it.

The SAP integration will typically involve
Creating a configurede operation (ALEProcessInboundOperation).
I will specify the IDOC type whether the document is BASIC type / EXTENSION type , Message Type and the Logical System (SAP APP Server). The IDOC Field information will shown automatically in the field area.

So when we incorporate the Confiigured operation in the Integration Component Flow we will be able to Map the SAP IDOC fields with the document published by the SQLSERVER.

The SAP ALE Client Adapter will send the IDOC to the SAP server which will then be picked up by a Background process.
Is that we have to inform the Background process in anyway that the file IDOC has been created, as it is ASynch mode of transfer to the SAP i believe that we need not inform the SAP process of this.

I have built a imaginary way of how thinks work when interfacing with SAP. Please share your thoughts with me. It will be be very helpfull if you could i outline the basic responsibility that the webmehods integration should do and the things that SAP system will take care by itself.

There are two ways of going about things here…

You can send IDOCS to SAP

  1. via ALE or
  2. via a flat file.

So you can ask your SAP department if they can arrange to read IDOCS from flat files and process them ?

If YES then all you have to do is create a string representing the IDOC structure with the correct spacing between elements as mandated and write it to a file in a directory where SAP can pick it up.

SAP needs to establish polling into that directory and pick up IDOCS as and when they arrive (not your scope of work)

ALE is another way of sending IDOC data to SAP. SAP needs to configure inbound ALE calls for the particular IDOC type that you wish to send to SAP. You can then pass the IDOCTYPE and other parameters to your SAP adapter and it will return to you a structure that represents the IDOC elements. Then all you need to do is (as what has already been said) get data from your SQL server (via notification or any other way you get it) convert it to a canonical document and finally create suitable mapping into a structure that resembles the input of your ALE inbound configured operation. Then all you have to do is to call that operation and perform a one-one mapping of all the datamembers in the structure on the left hand side to the right hand side.

You need not bother about informing SAP in any way as it will be taken care of.


hai all,

i am working on clustering ,after repository servers created in the admin page it is asking to restart the server.When i am restarting the server the server is not started.
could any one help me please …please…(urgent)