SAP ALE listener notification


I have a problem getting my IDOC sent form a SAP system to the IS server.

I have created an ALE listener notification (synchronous) which calls a custom flow service, when a specific IDOC type arrives.

The calling of the service through the ALE listener notification works fine and in the SAP transaction log I see, that the delivered IDOC is filled and correct. But in my called service the IDOC is not available.

So my question is, how will the listener notification deliver the document (IDOC) to my service? I thought the right way is to set the generated request document as input in my service. But that is not working. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Can you keep a savePipelineToFile service as the first step on your flow service and see if the data reaches the point?


Apart from the above debug statement…Also make sure the trigger/configuration (settings like invoking service) is enabled and also the service input is full qualified name (RFC notification request document what ever you have created)…



Hi Eric

Please cross check the SAP Connection parameters and SAP Listener details .
The below parameter are should be synch in both connection and Listener

  1. The value of the parameter assigned to “Application Server” inthe SAP Connection then the same value needs to be assigned to the parameter "Gatewayhost name " in SAP Listener

  2. The parameter value’s of the Repository Server name in SAP Listener and the parameter Connection Alias(SAP Connector name) in SAP COnnection should contain the same value.

The above parameters values are insynch(not same) then even though SAP System had posted the IDOC’s to Integration Server,it could not find on webMethods Integration server.
If I am wrong , can you please advise me
Thanks & Regards,

Yes please recheck the above points 1,2 and it points to a right direction and troubleshooting:


Hello All,

I am facing a similar issue. I checked the below mentioned 2 points,

  1. The value of the parameter assigned to “Application Server” in the SAP Connection then the same value needs to be assigned to the parameter "Gatewayhost name " in SAP Listener

  2. The parameter value’s of the Repository Server name in SAP Listener and the parameter Connection Alias(SAP Connector name) in SAP COnnection should contain the same value.

Both are correct in our case. However I am receiving only the below information in the pipeline,( did a savePipelineToFile at the start of the service )

notificationFileReceived 0A0606531FDC54AD426A01FC xxxCLNT200 000000xxxx CREMDM04 4 IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS

I am not receiving the IDOC body in the service. I have used the same steps mentioned in the SAP guide for synchronous ALE handling in page 142 , 143,

1 “Create an Empty Flow Service Called mapOrders02” on page 142

2 “Create an Asynchronous ALE Listener Notification for IDoc Type Orders02” on
page 142

3 “Define the Input and Output Signatures for the mapOrders02 Service” on page 143

4 “Map Fields from Orders02RequestDocument to PurchaseOrder Document” on
page 143

But still the IDOC data is not coming to the service. The input signature contains the IdocRequestDocument. Please let me know if you have found the solution to this issue.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee

Can I ask what is your IS/SAP Adapter version and its fix levels?


Additionally please check for the right versions of the JCo and IDoc-JCo-Jars.
These values can be retrieved via the About-Page of the SAP-Adapter.

Are there any entries in Server-Log or in the Transaction-Log of the SAP-Adapter?


Yes based on the Adapter version/fixes you need to have latest JCO/IDOC jars in place and do check the adapter transaction logs for more info and involve the BASIS team also if required.


Hello All,

There is no issue with the IDOC and JCO jars I believe as I am able to receive the IDOC from SAP into our TxStore.
The transaction body is visible in the transaction store. However when the synchronous notification is calling the
service for processing, it is only passing the header information which I had mentioned above , not the IDOC body.
I have the latest SAP adapter fix installed. Please let me know any possible solution if any.

adapter fix.jpg
adapter details.jpg

OK thanks…I would say in this case please open a ticket with SAG tech support and trouble shoot and out of box it should work .

Did you check the processing service mapping if that IDOC list mapping is done fromt the root not just the headers (explicitly)?

Also can try using ALE Listener Notification (asysnchronous) and test and we have been using this and no issues in 8.x atleast.



Asynchronous ALE is working fine. I had checked that one. Also the mapping of the processing service is working fine.
The input signature of the processing service is the ALENotificationRequestDocument as per the SAP guide.
I have done that exactly. The synchronous ALE notification is supposed to convert the idocList to the IDATA structure and send to the processing service as the RequestDocument , as per the guide. I do not have access to raise SAG ticket.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee

OK in this case , you may need to ask/request your other sub ordinates/Admin to raise the SAG ticket or get rights.


Hello RMG,

Thanks for your suggestion. However the issue is now resolved. I did a restart of the IS and it re established the SAP connectivity. After that I am seeing that we are receiving IDOCs from SAP but not in the ListnernerNotificationRequestDocument format but with the Root Tag name of the respective document, which is strange , as the SAP guide tells us to create the notification invoke service with input signature as the ListnernerNotificationRequestDocument , but in runtime the document is coming altogether with a different tag.
but since the IDOC is reaching to wM , I am able to work with that. Hence I would assume issue is resolved.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee