SAP Adapter

Hi all,

We are using the SAP Adapter to get and send IDOCs from SAP system. The problem that we have is that the SAP system has insert a new field on a Segment of an IDOC type and when we see it on the Intergration Server Routing transactions the field is always missing.

On Webmethos 4.6 we never have problems when the SAP system add new fields in IDOCs, the new fields were received with no changes on webmethods, but now we don’t know whether the error is on SAP System or in Webmethods. Could you, please, help us??? Thanks in advance.

Have you deleted the cached IDOC structure on your WM server? Search for “Removing Information from the DDIC Cache” in the SAP Adapter pdf.

Hi Martin,

Sorry, i forgot write that we delete the DDIC Cache was the first solution that we tryed. But now the problem is solved, there was a configuration SAP System error.



Can you let us know what SAP configuration you had to change in order to solve the custom segment.

We are running into the same issue and request your help.