SAP adapter Listener

Hi All,

Please let me know if we can create multiple listerner with the same details like ProgramId, gatewayHost, gateServicename.

I have created one listener in IS. There is already one listener exist with same details for field like ProgramId, gatewayHost, gateServicename.

But when I try to enable my listener it giving me error listener is already used for a running server

Please let me know if IS doesn’t allow to enable more than one lister with same details. I am working on 9.12


why do you want to have multiple listeners with the same program id on one IS?

At least the program id needs to be unique in one IS, the gateway host and service can be the same for multiple listeners.

You can have multiple Listener Notifications on one single Listener if you need to read from multiple rfc modules and/or IDocs.


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Yes Holgar,

You are correct. It doesn’t make any sense to create a same listener. I just faced the issue so thought get it clarified.So I understood that IS will not allow to enable the listener if it find already enabled listener with same program id for given gateway host name and gateway service.