SAP Listener Control

Hi All,

I am working with SAP integration, and have a situation like below.

we have a SAP Listener in A2A and B2B nodes with the same configuration. If SAP push the data it should call only A2A Services not B2B.
If we switch off the Listner in B2B, A2A service is executing else it is not.

Could you please give some lights on it to resolve the issue.


In your A2A,B2B listeners are using 2 diff adapter connections (RFC destination/different ProgramID that configured on SAP) or same connection for both? Basically the listeners should point to connections applicable for B2B,A2A nodes.

Just a thought.


Both A2A and B2B Listeners are using the same connection.

If suppose we have different programId for B2B and A2A, will it works eventhough we have the same connection.

Nagendra Kumar.R

Yes it works. The connection can be the same but the ProgramIDs should be different. Otherwise the data from SAP could go to any of the connected systems.


YES it should work.