SAP Adapter - Listener Notification - Error

We have added a new IDOC that is being sent from SAP and we are now getting this error. SAP has been well established at the client site, but, this is the first new IDOC being sent from SAP for a long time. Other existing IDOC’s sent from SAP are currently being received successfully. It is just this one new IDOC that is getting the following error:

Error thrown [Wed Feb 05 08:46:42,160]:Error thrown by application running in JCo Server
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sap/conn/idoc/jco/JCoIDocDocumentList

Adapter Version
IS Version

Does anyone know what is causing this and how I can resolve it ??

Any help is appreciated.
David Krivohlavy


Try with latest SAP JCO jars.



Hi David,

Please check lattest SAP JCO jars exist as said by Rankesh and make sure it is configured as part of classpath.



Thanks for that guys. Currently we have the following SAP Jar files installed (sapjco3.jar, sapidoc3.jar & wmsap.jar). I haven’t got a SAP Marketplace login, so have requested our SAP guys to check what the latest versions of JCO Jar Files are.

If it turns out that we are currently on the latest version of the JCO Jars files, then would anyone have any ideas what would be causing this issue ?? As I’ve said before, we are currently receiving other IDOCs from SAP without issue. This IDOC that we are having issues with is a custom IDOC that was created somewhat hastily and I’m not wholly convinced that what SAP is sending is valid or correct for this one new IDOC. Is there anyway of capturing the physical data that is being sent from SAP ?? I have turned on the Setting → “Log Throughput Data” and have increased the level of logging to V6 - Verbose, but, I still only get the following details in the JCO Trace file:

Error thrown [Fri Feb 07 10:31:05,517]:Error thrown by application running in JCo Server
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sap/conn/idoc/jco/JCoIDocDocumentList

And the following messages in the IS ServerLog:

2014-02-07 10:31:05 EST [SAP.0104.0005W] Error in RFC Listener with status “ALIVE” and connection “|sapgw70|webmd”: com/sap/conn/idoc/jco/JCoIDocDocumentList

Any help is greatly appreciated,
David Krivohlavy


Think we’ve identified the cause of this issue. The DEV IS has recently been upgraded to 8.2.2. The JCO version in Dev is the same as in UAT, but, the Adapter Version is slightly lower than what is in UAT and Fix4 has not been applied to the Sap Adapter in DEV. And we have identified that the current version in DEV/UAT is not the latest version.


Thanks David. :idea:

make sense:)


the latest versions of the SAP JCo are 3.0.10 (for both the sapjco3.jar and the sapjcoidoc3.jar).
remember that the should match the version of the sapjco3.jar.

These informations can be found on the About-Page of the SAP-Adapter.

The latest Fix for the SAP Adapter 7.1 is currently Fix10.

Updating to Fix6 or newer should be considered as this is the first Fix which support Connection pooling under SNC-encryption.

Additionally there are some memory leaks in the SAP Adapter solved by Fix8 and newer.

Yes thanks Holger for more explanation on this and we use the latest Fixes and JCO’s and lib in our 822 env which works fine.