sample travel application

trying to use the naturalone trial version with adabas free version (no license) and run the sample travel application. i have used this before with adabas 6.19 and naturalone and it ran with no issues. now with naturalone and adabas 6.3 i get a nat0472 error, this user defined name is a natural reserved word on tr-supp.ns8 and nat6014 timeout during lock of file on intro-a.ns8 AND the app crashes with nat error 82 in LOGIN line 203 when i try to make a new request with anyone in database.

anyone have any ideas or seen this before?

Does the 472 clear when you

  • highlight the project
    click menu item Project
    –> Properties
    –> Natural
    –> Parser
    –> uncheck Keyword checking
    –> OK
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Thank you, yes Ralph that did clear it up. The travel application now runs again. However, a NAT6014 error has appeared on the intro-a.ns8 file, timeout during lock of file. But since everything seems to run at least well enough to evaluate and tinker, thank you, very grateful.

PS - a rebuild of the project after changing the parser setting cleared all errors up and the demo works great

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