Sample FTP

Hi ,

I am trying to do FTP on the local host ,
I created I Listener at one port I don’t know how to write
Handling service that will handle my ftp service.
(i.e FTP client pub.client.ftp)
I will appreciate for any advice.



I hope you are trying to FTP a file from webMethods to external source.

Regarding using of pub.client:ftp service and wanted to transfering the file to a ftp site or unix folder(webMethods installed root directory)then provide the inputs in the ftp service(serverhost(ftp ip), port(21),username,password,command=put,remotefilename(filename that data transfered),content(convert that filestring to bytes and map it).

When you want to FTP transfer a file to webMethods then you have to create an FTP port and logon to this port with webMethods created user and do cd on ns folder(ns\packagename\folder\serviceName)and put the .txt file and your service name input should be ffdata(stream object).

And webMethods can acts as a FTP server.